A look at some third party PlayStation Move accessories

Warning: This post contains outdated information. For more up to date information about PlayStation Move accessories please click here.

As the PlayStation Move approaches its September release, dedicated third party accessories are starting to infiltrate stores catalogs, offering alternatives to the official ones or solutions Sony doesn’t provide.

Below you can find an early collection of such parasitic goods compiled as I stumbled upon them while looking at various online stores. I have omitted the rather uninteresting 3rd party jackets and charging stations in order to focus on the most interesting, useful or downright odd propositions currently on offer.

Arc Blaster (~$20) by Eagle3

Likely to have been hastily named after one of the rumored monikers circulating before the official christening of the PlayStation 3 new motion controller, the Arc Blaster is a gun attachment for the PlayStation Move (shocked?). Like the official one, the controller is slotted-in, with all the main buttons accessible from the top. But there is more. Along with the gun attachment itself, the Arc Blaster comes with a dedicated Navigation controller grip witch can be attached (somehow) underneath the barrel, allowing the user to hold the gun with both hands and still be able to operate the Navigation controller itself.
PlayStation Move Hand Gun (~£10) by Crown
Definitely better looking than the Eagle3 alternative, Crown’s gun attachment proposition is rather interesting in that it does come with not one, but two triggers (!). Because you can’t have enough triggers, apparently. If you are jumping with joy assuming one trigger is for spitting bullets and the other one (located at the front) is for some alternative firing, please sit down as they are likely to be both connected to the single T button underneath the PlayStation Move controller. Just like the Arc Blaster, there is a place for the Navigation controller in this attachment as well. Right in the stock itself. 

[UPDATE] Apparently the design of this gun has changed since I wrote this article. For the worse. Final design looks like this.

GT Racing Wheel (with base) (~$20) by Eagle3
Of course, a racing wheel. How could anyone pretend to be actually driving without one? This model by Eagle3 tho, goes a step ahead of the curve by providing a base as well, but don’t expect it to add force feedback to the experience.

Move Champions Pack (~$25) by Eagle3
Now this is augmented reality 2.0 folks. Buy this package, and you wont need to pretend you are holding whatever object Sports Champions virtually places in your hands. Because you will be holding real life counterparts! A sword, a shield, a bow, you name it. Sadly, real life projectiles (like arrows) are not included. Not that anyone would like to live an augmented reality with a really broken HDTV anyway.

PlayStation Eye Camera Clip (~$12) by PDP 
Of all the 3rd party PlayStation Move accessories spotted thus far, this is actually the most useful of all. One that Sony itself should have produced to begin with. If you have ever tried to place the PlayStation Eye camera on top of that thin HDTV of yours, you must understand how handy this little piece of clipping metal (or is it plastic?) could turn out to be.

PlayStation Move Boxing Glove set (~£15) by Crown 

Kevin Butler is right when he describes the benefits of 1:1 motion tracking in a boxing game. But what about the potential consequences to your living room? Not to mention to your very hands? What if you forget to fasten the Move straps around your wrists or get so involved with The Fight you end up punching your HDTV (or a close by friend in the face)? Well, thanks to the forward thinking minds at Crown, you have no reason to fear anymore. Just wear these padded gloves, slip the Move controllers into the dedicated pockets located in the palms and you are free to go Rocky! (Well, not really)

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