Until Dawn a PlayStation Move title?

As you might remember, last April Sony Computer Entertainment of America filed a trade mark for the name “Until Dawn” along with a vague description that read like this: “providing a real-time computer game for others that may be accessed over global and local area computer networks by network users“.

Today, thanks to a reliable source, iWaggle3D can add its own piece to the puzzle by letting you know that Until Dawn is apparently going to support the PlayStation Move.

It’s unclear at this time whether it’s going to support the device exclusively or just be compatible with it, but going by our source, it was apparently mentioned internally as a PlayStation Move title alongside the already revealed Sorcery (which is a “Move only” title).

Stick around for more info as we dig this. In the meantime, we’ll apply a Rumor label to this just to be sure you don’t get too excited. 

[UPDATE] Could it be this mysterious game briefly shown by Sony at the European GDC that took place last year during GamesCom? 

Check the horror game-looking footage at @ 1:20 and 1:37.

See the flashlight? Totally looks like a PlayStation Move game you would call Until Dawn. Perhaps there is reason to get excited after all. 
Thanks to Galvanise from GAF for making the connection.