VIDEO | iWatch: A closer look at PlayStation Move

Take a closer look at the PlayStation Move in this exclusive video recorded by iWaggle3D (hence the “iWatch” tag).

In about 2 minutes time you’ll learn the basics of PlayStation Move ergonomics, functions and components, hopefully coming away with a better understanding of how the device works, looks and feels like.

Later today, another exclusive video will expose XMB navigation via the PlayStation Move. Don’t miss it! (By the way, you might want to follow @iWaggle3d for real-time notifications when stuff goes live.)

More iWatch videos will come in due time, so be sure to come back later for in-depth looks at some of the launch PlayStation Move games and more.

Warning: English is not my primary spoken language, so excuse the History Channel-tone of my commentary (yeah, I’m reading) as well as the (hopefully not too frequent) pronunciation mistakes.

Enjoy the video!

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