VIDEO | iWatch: R.U.S.E. (demo version)

Based on the R.U.S.E. demo version released on August 25th on the PlayStation Store (for Plus members – regulars will have to wait till September 1st), this exclusive iWatch video shows how the upcoming Ubisoft real-time strategy game controls with the PlayStation Move, and how that compares to using a regular DualShock 3.

(On this last point, please be advised that what is being said near the end of the video is not totally accurate. In fact, I later realized that upon pressing R3 you can tilt the camera with the right stick, which allows to actually point it further ahead. That said, using the DS3 is still much less convenient than using the Move pointer as you do still have to change camera orientation for target selection. Not to mention having to constantly switch back and forth tilting and rotation functions on the right stick.)

Enjoy the demonstration!

Warning: As usual, please forgive my terrible English accent (not my primary spoken language) and the airplane-safety-measures-video-commentary voice tone. I’m trying my best to be understandable, not to win an Oscar.

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