Metal Gear Solid Rising will support 3D [UPDATED]

[Update] Apparently, the game was shown in 3D as a “tech demonstration”, meaning it doesn’t imply the actual game will support it. Same goes for FFXIV and Hot Shot Golf 5, both shown as “tech demos”. Color me as confused as you are.

They just keep coming don’t they? (And I’m not done yet – look forward to the upcoming next couple of posts… actually, I’m done as tech demos mean nothing.)
Sony and Konami announced today that the PlayStation 3 version of Metal Gear Solid Rising will fully support stereoscopic 3D mode. Yep. 

No further information were given about resolution and frame rate. Nor about whether or not the game will be PlayStation Move compatible.

Anyway, while a trailer of the game was shown in 3D at Sony’s press conference, Konami gave a real time 2D demonstration during theirs (via Xbox 360 version), promptly recorded and made public by GameTrailers. Check it out in the YouTube version embedded below.