PixelJunk lifelike: Moving with the Music

Announced during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Pixeljunk lifelike is Q-Games‘ first (known) project conceived for the PlayStaion Move. It’s not a game tho, but rather a music visualizer created in collaboration with Japanese visual artist and musician Baiyon (who previously lent his unique sensibility to the making of PixelJunk Eden), which will allow users to interact with visuals and music using the new Sony motion controller. 

PixelJunk lifelike will come with 40 minutes worth of Baiyon techno/house music (unsurprisingly, the logotype used for “lifelike” is exactly the same adopted by Baiyon for his Descanso music label), but will also allow interaction with any MP3 track stored on the PS3 hard drive.

As we patiently wait for more information about this interesting project, all we can do is try to figure out how it works by watching the rather amusing teaser embedded below.

Source: Kotaku