StarDrone announced for PSN with PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D support

Ukraine developer Beatshapers has just announced they will be bringing Orb Games‘s original 2008 PC release StarDrone to the PlayStation 3 this fall. It will be a PSN title, only playable with the PlayStation Move and supporting stereoscopic 3D mode. 

In StarDrone you control the trajectory of a drone launched in a zero-gravity environment via the centrifugal force generated by connecting and disconnecting its energy beam to special anchor points. It basically plays like pinball-meets-Breakout-meets-PixelJunk Eden, using the PlayStation Move-controlled pointer to select anchor points. Inertia does the rest.

The video embedded below offers a first look at StarDrone for PS3 (interestingly, the PlayStation Move sphere is not lit up in the PiP, meaning the game probably relies on the gyroscope and the accelerometers built into the device The sphere is actually lit, but in white – thanks to Beatshapers’ Founder and CEO Alexey Menshikov for the correction in the comments section below), but if you want to get a better idea of how it plays I strongly suggest giving the PC version a go by downloading its free demo right here. It’s quite awesome actually.