PlayStation Move third party accessories tour Chapter 1 of 4: Guns and stuff

Three months ago I published an article about the first 3rd party accessories being developed for the yet to be released PlayStation Move. Since then, the catalog has grown exponentially, to the point that it can easily take a couple of days of Google searching to build a comprehensive knowledge of all that is currently available out there. No sane person would do that, right? Well…

I was insane enough to go on such a mission myself actually, migrating between online stores all over the world wide web in order to collect all the data I could find about the PlayStation Move accessories on the market.  

Upon returning from such a journey, so much is the information I gathered a single post would implode if I’d try to fit all into it, so I’ll split this into 4 chapters, each one focusing on a specific category. I wont tease you, so I’ll start with the good stuff right away (the guns!), and will then move on to the rest one post at a time. 

Of course, I can’t guarantee nothing is missing from the following and forthcoming lists (I know I omitted some redundant stuff myself), but I can safely say I’ve covered about 90% of all the PlayStation Move swords, paddles, guns, rifles, jackets, chargers and more you can purchase today.

Enjoy this first part of the tour. Look forward to the next.

 Peacemaker Gun 
 Publisher: Speedlink | Indicative Price: £13

A gun attachment the same size and design of a classic revolver, with trigger operating the Move T button. Be advised the actual product differs from the above shot in that it has some parts colored in orange (like the trigger and the sight). Which is a pity, but that’s what the law imposes when it comes to toy guns (ignoring the existence of black paint apparently…).

Also available at: Amazon UK (also available as Logic 3 Move Sports Gun), GameSeek, Findaddbuy

 Precision Shot 3
 Publisher: Interworks Unlimited, Hyperkin | Indicative Price: $25

For the futuristic looking guns lovers, here comes this Precision Shot 3 gun attachment (previously known as Arc Blaster) which features an extra handle housing the Navigation controller, and promises to “improve your aiming accuracy for shooting games like The Shoot! and Time Crisis: Razing Storm”. This is assuming you menage to keep those on-screen pointers steady in the first place…

Also available at: GameStop, Amazon US, Hyperkin (as Special Ops Shooter), Fry’s

 Publisher: Venom | Indicative Price: £8

Futuristic looking design aside (this is a mock up by the way, not a real product shot), there is nothing special to point out about this gun. Gun trigger is connected to Move one and it all “Adds realism to shooting games” apparently.

Also available at Amazon UK, Play, ShopTo, Choices UK, Base, GameSeek

 Dual Shot
 Publisher: Icon | Indicative Price: $30

Quite similar to the official Sony gun attachment, this Icon proposition comes in pairs, meaning you would be all set for some two players shooting action. The Move controller apparently fits securely under the generously big lid (which is also transparent). Grip is textured and trigger connects to the Move one.

 Hand Gun
 Publisher: Crown | Indicative Price: £8 

Believe it or not, this gun attachment was one of the most appreciated ones when it was first reported here about three months ago, along with a quite deceiving early product shot. Sadly, the actual gun looks nothing like that, both in design and functions (notice the omitted front trigger and Navigation controller housing), but I suppose it gets the job done regardless.

Also available at: Amazon UK, Play, ShopTo, GameSeek, Zavvi, The Hut

 Perfect Aim Pistol
 Publisher: CTA | Indicative Price: $15/£10 

This is easily one of the best looking modern-style gun attachments currently available for the PlayStation Move. It’s light and compact, with nicely colored transparent lid and trigger, as well as a fake laser sight attachment under the barrel. Hopefully it feels as solid in the hand as it looks in the picture.

Also available at: Amazon US, Amazon UK (as Advanced Pro Playstation Move Gun Attachment)
 Publisher: Hubb Accessories | Indicative Price: £7

This is the cheapest gun attachment currently available. And it shows. There is barely a gun replicated there, which makes this product similar in concept to the official Sony one, but quite different too as far as manufacture quality and design goes. I’d personally go with this only if I were hopelessly broken.

Also available at: Amazon UK

 3D Shot
 Publisher: Mad Catz | Indicative Price: $20/£10

A rather simple modern looking gun this is. Well, colors aside. Don’t be fooled by the glossiness of this product shot tho. Actual attachment is matte light blue, with yellow (not gold) barrel front. By the looks of it, I suspect it’s overpriced, especially in US. A modular rifle costs just 10 bucks more than this. I guess it’s not “3D” tho.

Also available at: Amazon US, GameShark Store UK

 Alien Gun
 Publisher: BigBen Interactive | Indicative Price: £8 

Let’s recap. We have got classic, futuristic and modern looking gun attachments. What are we missing? But of course an alien looking one! Luckily, French company BigBen fills the gap with this attachment proposition replicating what one can assume ETs fight their wars with. One might also assume they have some bad military equipment designers as well.

Also available at: Amazon UK, Play (as Move Blaster), Zavvi, The Hut

 Blaster Combo Pack
 Publisher: DreamGear | Indicative Price: $25 

An aggressive shotgun/pistol combo for close-quarters combat lovers. The shotgun grip hosts the Navigation Controller while the PlayStation Move goes into the barrel. Sadly, there is no trigger connected to the Move, meaning you have to shoot by pressing the Move trigger itself. The pistol is also available as a stand alone accessory.

Also available at: Amazon US, Amazon Canada

 Submachine Gun
 Publisher: CTA | Indicative Price: $30  

The modular design of this great looking rifle allows to remove both the scope and the stock, effectively turning it into a SMG. Interestingly, contrary to similar products, the L1/L2 buttons located on the Navigation controller are directly accessible via the opening in the handle hosting it. Because of this tho, main trigger had to be pushed under the barrel, right below the Move trigger, which is unfortunate.

Also available at: Amazon US, Amazon Canada

 Machine Gun
 Publisher: Logic 3 | Indicative Price: £15

A nice looking black (and orange) machine gun, with an undetachable scope. The gun trigger (which offers “Realistic click Trigger action”) is connected to the Move one apparently, while the grip hosting the Navigation Controller blocks access to its L1/L2 buttons. But no worries: you can operate them via little orange buttons located on the sides, just above the ammo clip. Not sure how comfortable that is tho.

Also available at: Amazon UK, GameSeek UK

 Battle Rifle
 Publisher: Icon | Indicative Price: $30 

This battle rifle has a break-away design which allows you to turn it into a gun. So it is effectively two weapons in one. Which is nice. Navigation controller snugs into the handle, with L1/L2 buttons accessible via supplementary ones located to the sides. Be aware actual hardware might not look as cool as the products shots indicate.

Also available at: Amazon US