PlayStation Move third party accessories tour Chapter 2 of 4: Swords and stuff

Welcome to the second part of our trip across the plastic lands of the third party accessories for the PlayStation Move. In this chapter we are going to take a look at those attachments that don’t involve shooting, but rather actions like slashing, swinging, turning or punching. 

Yep, it’s time to get physical. 

Enjoy the tour. Two more categories to go. 

 Professional Sports Kit
 Publisher: CTA | Indicative Price: $23

Designed specifically for Sports Champions, this set is the only one offering a specific attachment for Disc Golf as well as a bow with an actual string connected to a separate attachment for a secondary PlayStation Move. Hopefully this last attachment comes with a hook rather than a closed ring, otherwise you’d have trouble when picking up arrows from the quiver…  

Also available at: Amazon US, Amazon Canada

 6-In-1 Competition Sports Pack
 Publisher: CTA | Indicative Price: $23

Despite “supporting” only 3 game types, the attachments included in this pack come in pairs so that two players can benefit simultaneously from the added realism they apparently provide. Attachment heads are swappable, so you only need to change those when switching games, keeping the PlayStation Move in the cradle. Now that I think of it, perhaps there are just two cradles in the pack. Why would you need six of them if heads can be swapped anyway? 

Also available at: Amazon US, Amazon Canada

 Champions Pack
 Publisher: Hyperkin, Interworks Unlimited | Indicative Price: $30

A nicely designed set including an archery bow, a table tennis paddle, a dagger and a shield. As with all similar sets, potential issues with Move sphere detection are to be considered as the attachments are likely to hide the sphere (or parts of it) to the PlayStation Eye during the action. Not sure how much the internal sensors could cope with that. Needs proper testing. 

Also available at Gamestop, Amazon US, Hyperkin (as Sports Victory Set), Fry’s

 Sports Pack
 Publisher: Logic 3 | Indicative Price: £15

A forward thinking sports pack this is. Alongside the common rackets and clubs offerings, in fact, this set also includes a baseball bat, despite the fact that, as far as I know, no PlayStation Move compatible baseball game currently exists. That said, the attachments are detachable from the handle housing the PlayStation Move. The kit contains one handle and four attachments.  

Also available at Amazon UK, GameSeek UK

 12-In-1 Sports Pack
 Publisher: Accessory Village | Indicative Price: £15

If you think the 6-in-1 pack by CTA is generous, then this one might look like a charity donation or something. At about the same price as the CTA set (£15 = $23), you get twice the amount of plastic stuff! Don’t be fooled tho. This set is not really that different from the 6-In-1 alternative. You just get a dagger instead of a second gold club, a pair of silicon sleeves and two wrist straps. Still, I think this is more convenient than the CTA proposition, assuming the manufacture quality is the same (as it seems to be looking at the photos).

Also available at: Amazon UK

 Ultimate Boxing Gloves
 Publisher: CTA | Indicative Price: $20 

This item was covered already on iWaggle3D so I’ll just quote myself here: “Each padded glove comes with a velcro pouch on the inside of the palm where the motion controllers fit securely, and adjustable velcro stripes are located on the wrists”.

Also available at: Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Buy
 Move Boxing Gloves
 Publisher: Crown | Indicative Price: £12

Another returning item this is on iWaggle3D. It was covered in my original article about 3rd party accessories so I’ll just repeat myself since nothing seems to have changed since then: “What if you forget to fasten the Move straps around your wrists or get so involved with The Fight you end up punching your HDTV (or a close by friend in the face)? Well, thanks to the forward thinking minds at Crown, you have no reason to fear anymore. Just wear these padded gloves, slip the Move controllers into the dedicated pockets located in the palms and you are free to go Rocky! (Well, not really)”.

Also available at: Amazon UK, Play, GameSeek UK, Zavvi, The Hut

 GT Racing Wheel with Base
 Publisher: Interworks Unlimited | Indicative Price: Unknown

Again, here is a product already seen on iWaggle3D, a racing wheel by Eagle 3 which goes a step ahead of the competition (see below) by providing not just a wheel, but a base to put it on as well. Don’t expect the latter to add force feedback to the experience tho. The price is sadly still unknown.

Also available at: Amazon US

 Sports Wheel
 Publisher: Logic 3 | Indicative Price: £5

Similar to the GT Racing one in terms of basic concept but not as cool as far as design goes (and without a base), this glossy wheel is the cheapest solution for casual racing players. Too bad there are no Move compatible racing games out there yet, but when the time comes (which might be when TRON: Evolution releases), these kind of wheels will help you in holding the Move sideways without the risk of hiding the sphere with one of your hands.

Also available at: Amazon UK, GameSeek UK