PlayStation Move third party accessories tour Chapter 4 of 4: Grips and stuff

Guns? Check. Swords? Check. Chargers? Check. Having covered all of the above categories it’s time to take a look at the last but not least important PlayStation Move accessories of our tour: the grips, the straps and the camera TV clips. Basically all the stuff that helps in protecting our PlayStation Move paraphernalia.   

Enjoy this last part of the tour and don’t forget to check the previous ones if you haven’t already!
As usual, if you happen to own one of these or the above mentioned products, feel free to post your impressions in the comments section below for the greater good.

 Move and Navigation Controller Silicone Jackets
 Publisher: 4Gamers | Indicative Price: £8

A quite elegant silicone grips set this is, protecting every inch of both the Move and the Navigation controller without hiding anything that matters. Not even the power indicator. The pack (which includes two jackets, one for the Move and one for the Navigation controller) also comes with one PS-branded wrist strap. Three colors available: red, blue and charcoal. A similar set by I-nique proposes different colors (see below).  

Also available at: Amazon UK (Red, Blue, Charcoal), Play (Red, Blue, Charcoal), I-nique (very similar product, but different colors, no wrist strap – Black, White, Orange, Blue)

 Silicone Kit
 Publisher: Hama | Indicative Price: €10

Kinda like the 4Gamers set, this one by Hama includes silicone grips for both the Move and the Navigation controller but the Move jacket lacks the hole above the power indicator (which should still be visible anyway due to the transparency). Two wrist straps are included in each pack instead of just one, and they both have a similar lock mechanism to that used by the official Sony one. No PS logo tho. Colors selection includes: Blue, Pink, White and Beige. 

Also available at: Amazon UK (Blue, Pink, White, Beige), Computer Universe (Blue, Pink, White, Beige)

 Silicone Set
 Publisher: Hama | Indicative Price: €6

If you don’t have or don’t care about your little Navigation controller, Hama also sells a Move-only set which basically offers half the content of the above mentioned kit (one jacket and one strap). At about half the price. Color options are the same.

Also available at: Amazon UK (Blue, Pink, White, Beige), Computer Universe (Blue, Pink, White, Beige)

 Protective Grips
 Publisher: CTA | Indicative Price: $13

This somewhat more aggressive looking set by CTA offers an extra layer of protection thanks to an increased thickness of its silicon covering. It also offers extra grip via a series of colored “bumps” on its sides. Each pack includes two grips (one for the Move and one for the Navigation controller), but no strap. Three color options available (relative to the highlights alone): Blue, Red and Pink.  

Also available at: Amazon US (Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Pink), Amazon Canada (Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Pink)

 Premium Grip Set
 Publisher: Power A | Indicative Price: $18 

This sportswear-ish looking grip set proposes an interesting design solution in that it covers the controllers only where it matters, leaving the bottom (and the Sony logo) exposed. The textured grip looks quite comfortable and all, but the price is relatively steep (no wonder they call this “Premium”). Each pack includes gloves for one Move and one Navigation controller but no wrist trap. Available colors are Red and Blue.

Also available at: Toys’R’Us (Red/Black, Blue/Black)

 Dual Silicon Skin
 Publisher: Crown | Indicative Price: £5

Offered in just one color, this pair of Move and Navigation controller silicon skins appears to be quite transparent as you can easily see both the Sony logo and the power indicator. Despite the transparency, it appears to be quite thicker than most of the other grips for superior shock resistance. Notice the indented grips.    

Also available at: Amazon UK, Play 
 Wrist Straps Set
 Publisher: Hama | Indicative Price: €4

A set of four wrist straps which of course can be used with anything other than the Move controllers. Strap lock mechanism appears to be the same as the official Move wrist strap. Which is always a plus.

Also available at: Amazon UK, Computer Universe

 Mounting Clip for PS-EYE
 Publisher: PDP | Indicative Price: $13

This officially Sony product conveniently mounts the PlayStation Eye camera on flat panel televisions with no need to use any adhesive. The clip angle can be adjusted to almost 180°, meaning you can also use this as some sort of stand for the camera if not located on the top of the screen. Going by the reviews at Amazon, this looks like a winner.

Also available at: Amazon US, GameStop, PDP

 PlayStation Eye Camera TV Clip
 Publisher: Crown | Indicative Price: £5

This rather unelegant (both in concept and design) solution to the “how do I keep this thing steady?” PS Eye conundrum is probably the best choice if you want to spend the least possible money.

Also available at: Amazon UK, Play

 Move Camera Mount with Extension Cable
 Publisher: Rocketfish | Indicative Price: $10

Hard to tell how this works going by the only picture I could find, but this Rocketfish camera clip appears to be similar to the PDP one, with the added bonus of extension USB cable included in the package. Worth a check I guess, but it seems to be only available in Canada. 

 Carry Case
 Publisher: Logic 3 | Indicative Price: $30  

Nice idea for a Move accessory this is, and an unique one apparently as it seems Logic 3 is the only company selling it. As you can easily tell by the picture, the soft inner lining firmly hosts both the Move and the Navigation controllers, and it also comes with a nest for carrying accessories and discs around (put the latter in a plastic cover tho, unless you want them scratched). The outer shell of this dual zip case is made of rigid material for protection and features a carry handle.  

Also available at: Amazon UK

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