RUMOR | Helghast goggles and Scout figurine coming with Killzone 3 special editions

A work in progress (as you can tell from the placeholder Latin descriptions) and probably not meant to go live yet page over at the official Killzone 3 website lists 3 different editions of the game for pre-order. All of them seem to be offering the very same bonus content (Blood and Thunder Map Pack, 10 euro [Retailer] Gift Card, Helghast Goggles), which is obviously a mistake. But wait, there is more. 
A trusted source confirmed to iWaggle3D that the Helghast goggles are definitely coming, adding that a Scout figurine (or rather a “Marksman” one, as that’s how the Scout is called in Killzone 3 going by the Beta nomenclature) is coming as well. Source couldn’t tell which edition (Limited or Collectors) will actually offer the figurine.