VIDEO | iWatch: MAG 2.0

Finally! The iWatch video you have all been asking (and patiently waiting) for since the release of the MAG update 2.0 is finally live, coming with an analysis of the new PlayStation Move control system and plenty of actual online warfare action.

Hopefully this 13 minutes video will answer some of your questions concerning how to properly configure the controls as well as dispel some of the doubts with regard to the PlayStation Move effectiveness in the online shooter space.


PS: In the video you’ll only see my right hand (holding the Move), not the left one (which is holding a Navigation controller outside of camera view). I did this intentionally to reduce visual clutter. Also, in some sequences you wont see the Move either. This was unintentional, as I simply forgot to add it during the editing. I realized it was missing when it was too late to rectify. Sorry about that.

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