3D support mysteriously absent from PS3 version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Despite having been announced by the developers themselves back in June and even demonstrated during the last E3 2010, the PlayStation 3 version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit lacks stereoscopic 3D mode.

Oddly enough, this news doesn’t come from EA nor from Criterion Games, but rather from those PS3 users who have just purchased the game under the legit assumption they could have enjoyed it in 3D on their 3DTVs.

Since the June announcement, EA has been hush hush about the whole 3D thing as every further information or press release about the game was lacking any reference to 3D, despite being one bullet point publishers are usually keen to highlight.

Hardly an implicit retraction (the PC version does support 3D after all, despite related press material not mentioning it), this silence regarding the 3D support in the PS3 version of NFS:HP has actually led many to give its inclusion for granted. Even Wikipedia. As a consequence, quite a few are now wondering what’s going on.

At the time of writing, neither EA nor Criterion have issued an official statement on this matter, albeit some users do report having being told by either EA Customer Service or Criterion that 3D will be added via a patch at a later date.

To further confuse matters, just a few hours ago the Need For Speed Twitter account communicated that “the game doesn’t support 3D” in reply to a user wondering about how to activate it.

So what’s going on? No idea, honestly, as EA is apparently too busy counting money (part of which comes from people who bought the game because of the 3D mode) to release an official statement.
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