Official PlayStation Move Rifle Attachment

Sony just unveiled the Sharp Shooter, a PlayStation Move rifle attachment packed with so many features you’d actually consider getting one. Details and video overview (via Killzone 3) after the jump.

Housing both the PlayStation Move and the Navigation Controller, the Sharp Shooter rifle differs from all the 3rd party propositions we are aware of as it makes actual use of the “EXT” port located at the bottom of the Move by mirroring functions normally accessible via the PlayStation Move on the attachment itself.

The most significant benefit lies on the handle, right underneath the gun trigger, where a duplicate of the main Move button is located. This allows to access the main Move button functions with the very same hand you use to pull the trigger. No need to hold the barrel with your other hand. Other face buttons are replicated on the sides of the attachment as well.

But wait, there is more. A rate of fire selector is provided (full auto, burst, single shot) as well as what seem to be two alternative reload mechanisms: a button located under the clip that you have to slam, and a slide underneath the barrel you have to pump. Not sure how games are going to assign reload functions to these extra mechanism (which are likely to be tied to one of the main Move buttons anyway) but we shall see.

Finally, the shoulder stock is adjustable.

The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter will ship in both US and EU in time for Killzone 3 for 39.99$ (no official Euro price yet but you can guess it).

Check the video below for a quick overview provided by SCEE’s Official PlayStation Blog manager James Gallagher. He plays Killzone 3 with it.