First non-Sony Move exclusive StarDrone lands on the European PlayStation Store this week

The first 3rd party PlayStation Move exclusive game will be published on the European PlayStation Store this Wednesday for 7.99€ (or 4.99€ for PlayStation Plus members). No information yet about the US release, but should be just around the corner.

Developed by Beatshapers and Orb Games, StarDrone is a quite unique and addictive action-puzzler released a few years ago on PC, and now coming to the PlayStation 3 thanks to the very existence of the PlayStation Move technology. The game is in fact a “PlayStation Move Required” title, a first when it comes to 3rd parties productions.

The game will also support stereoscopic 3D and YouTube video uploads, but these features will come at a later date via software update.

For more information about StarDrone you can read my interview with the developers or watch the exclusive video analysis embedded below for your convenience.

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