SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Beta FAQ

As we approach the release of the SOCOM 4 Beta I thought about putting together all the related info in a short FAQ. Hopefully this brings all of you up to speed on the subject.
If you have any questions, post them in the comments section below and I’ll try my best to answer them.

When does the Beta start?

It kicks off on March 15 with a Private Beta for members of the Sony Beta Trial Program.
Then, on March 22/23 (US/EU), PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the Beta client from the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store.
On March 29, users who purchased Killzone 3 in US expecting to get “early access” to the SOCOM 4 Beta “as soon as it goes live“, will finally be able to redeem the Beta PSN code included with it on the PlayStation Store.
Finally, on April 5/6 (US/EU), the Beta will be freely downloadable by anyone from the regular PlayStation Store.

When does the Beta end?
On April 13 for everyone.

Will the stats carry over when the final game ships?
Sure! On top of their superior knowledge of the maps layouts, beta testers will also be able to use their upgraded equipment to pwn the n00bs coming in on game release!
(Real answer: Of course not)

Does the Beta support the PlayStation Move?
Yep. And the Sharpshooter as well.

How do the Move controls work?
I’ll publish a video analysis as soon as possible, so stick around. In the meantime, below you can check an early analysis based on a now 6 months old work in progress single player demo of the game.

Due to its very early state, please take the above video analysis as no more than a rough indication of what to expect from the final version. 
In fact, a lot has apparently changed since then. For example, Zipper added a new “Quick Turn” option, and the whole Move settings screen (see below) looks completely different.

Notice the “Turn Mode” option, which can be set to “Quick”, “Modal” and “Focal”. No idea what those options actually do besides what is being said here but I’m looking forward to investigate them, and will of course report to you in my upcoming video analysis.

Does the Beta support stereoscopic 3D?

Will Move and DS3 players play together?

How many maps will be available?
You’ll be able to play in 2 maps called “Assault & battery” and “Port Authority”.

How many game modes/types will be available?
All the competitive ones will be there. That is Suppression, Uplink, Last Defense as well as the recently unveiled Bomb Squad
Not all modes will be available at any day. Zipper will remotely “turn on” what’s needed to be tested at its own discretion. More details about what’s playable and when will be given through official channels.
All of the above modes will be playable in “Classic” (no re-spwan/no regenerating health) and “Arcade” (with re-spawn/regenerating health) variants.

So, no online co-op mode in the Beta?
Correct. No online co-op in the Beta.
Click here for more information about the 5 players online co-op mode.

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