House Of The Dead OVERKILL Extended Cut Announced And Dated

Originally released on the Wii more than 2 years ago, rail shooter House Of Dead OVERKILL is coming to the PS3 this October as an “Extended Cut” version featuring remastered HD graphics, stereoscopic 3D support, PlayStation Move compatibility and additional content.

To date, this is the second Wii rail shooter getting a PS3 re-release. The other one being Dead Space Extraction by Electronic Arts, which you might want to check out here (along with PS3 vs Wii versions comparison).

Set in the middle of a mutant outbreak in the small Louisiana town of Bayou City, House Of The Dead OVERKILL Extended Cut will put you in the shoes of Agent G, one of the series protagonist, during his first assignment as a member of AMS academy. (This is actually a prequel to the original House of the Dead.)

During the course of the main story you’ll fight against hordes of zombies across 7 stages, using a decent variety of upgradeable guns (from pistols to shotgun to SMG) via a traditional controller or the more suited PlayStation Move one (either alone or in conjunction with the officially supported Sharp Shooter). 
On top of this, 2 brand new levels will expose an “insane side story” featuring two angry and armed strippers, one of them likely to be the rather hot Varla Guns featured in the original Wii version as well, and likely to be the one wielding the new weapon SEGA mentions in the product description: a crossbow equipped with explosive bolts. 
These side story levels will probably be the ones hosting another exclusive addition to this version: baby mutants.

New “hardcore and single weapon modes” promise “inhumane difficulty” for those willing to challenge themselves.

Finally, two players support is confirmed across both the remastered and the brand new levels, while online leaderboards will allow to keep track of everyone’s top score.

House Of The Dead OVERKILL Extended Cut is due for release October 28th in Europe, and October 25th in the United States, on Blu-Ray for a yet undisclosed price. 

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