Resistance 3 Box Art Revealed

British artist Olly Moss delivers a quite unique cover art for the box housing the third installment in the Resistance franchise. Bye bye dudebro render. Hello chimerian-skull-with-New-York-skyline-teeth. 

A pretty nice cover, one that is unaffected by the inevitable logo clutter and that shouldn’t go unnoticed when it lands on the store shelves across the globe in September.

If you are wondering why it says PlayStation Move “Features” rather than “Compatible”, don’t panic. Resistance 3 will fully support the PlayStation Move (along with stereoscopic 3D). That’s just how Move compatibles games are labeled in Europe to differentiate them form the Move “Required” ones (like Sports Champions, The Fight and so on). As a matter of fact, the American cover of Resistance 3 says “Compatible”, which is how they label the non-Move required games over there.

In a nutshell, EU “Features” equals US “Compatible”.

Anyway, for an early taste of Resistance 3 keep an eye for a specially-marked Blu-ray disc copy of the Sony Pictures sci-fi action thriller Battle: Los Angeles coming out on June 14th as it will include an “exclusive early access” single-player demo of Resistance 3, lasting “nearly half-hour” and featuring the whole boat ride sequence you can watch in the embed below.

Look forward to more information about Resistance 3 and hopefully some Move-powered footage during the upcoming E3.

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