World First PlayStation Move Compatible Flight Simulator Takes Off This June

To my surprise, I’ve just found out that World War I and II flight simulator Air Conflicts: Secret Wars will feature PlayStation Move compatibility as well as stereoscopic 3D support. A first in the genre on PS3.

Published by German company bitComposer Games, developed by Slovak studio Games Farm and scheduled for release next month, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars might not sound too special going by its by the books content and features (16 aircrafts, 49 missions, 8 players online mode), and yet it is special. 
On May 12, in fact, bitComposer issued a press release announcing “full PlayStation Move motion control support” for the game (along with 3D support), effectively turning Air Conflicts: Secret War into a quite meaningful release for us PlayStation Move enthusiasts. 

It goes without saying that gears have been set in motion here at iWaggle3D to get a review code as soon as possible, so hopefully I’ll be able to publish a video analysis by the time the game takes off. 
In the meantime, all we can do for now is holding onto the Move controls description provided by the developers themselves.
It goes like this:
“In addition, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars will also feature full PlayStation® Move motion control support in the PlayStation 3 version, with players being able to control their aircraft by tilting the motion controller, as well as being able to activate the exhilarating tail gunner mode.”
Not really telling but I like the idea of the mixed control systems this suggests: tilt based flight from the cockpit and pointer based shooting from a bomber tail gun.

Hopefully it turns out to be good.

And now, official trailer time!

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