Japanese Edition Of Everybody’s Golf 5 Is Now Officially Move And 3D Compatible

As anticipated a few weeks ago, Sony has today released a new software update for Minna no Golf 5 (aka Hot Shots Golf or Everybody’s Golf) which brings Move and 3D support to the now nearly four years old PS3 golf game developed by Clap Hanz.

At the time of writing tho, this update is only available for the Japanese version of the game and we are not sure if it will ever be extended to the Western ones (namely Everybody’s Golf: World Tour in EU or Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds in NA). 

Likewise, we have no confirmation yet of a Western budget re-release of the game with Move and 3D support already included akin to that scheduled for September in Japan.

Anyways, if you have the Japanese edition you can update the game right now by selecting “Online” from the in-game menu (no, it doesn’t prompt for the update at start-up, like most PS3 games do nowadays). If you have not been playing the game for a while, be advised you’ll likely need to go through the update process a few times in order to catch up with the latest, Move-enabling patch. It’s a quite long process (took me about 5 hours total with the European version – only to find out there is no Move nor 3D support yet), but you can stop the download at anytime and resume it later. Done that, go to the Options screen and if it says “Ver. 11071401” (that’s “2011 July 14” – 01) you are good to go.

While I’m unable to conduct an analysis of the Move implementation at this time, what I can tell you is that the update comes with some limitations as far as Move and 3D usability go. 

Going by the fine print you can find at the bottom of this official page, the PlayStation Move is supported only in offline mode. In order to play online you need to go back to the traditional controller. 

Also, while the patch does add Move and 3D support to the game, you can’t enjoy them simultaneously. You can either play in 3D with a traditional controller or in “2D” with the PlayStation Move. 

Bit of a bummer right?

Watch this space for updates about a possible Western release of the patch.