RUMOR | The Last Guardian To Support The PlayStation Move? So Says Sony Press Site…

Now this is interesting. The PlayStation Move section of the official SCEA press site lists the long awaited The Last Guardian among other Move games. Mistake or…

Here is a screen capture taken from the above mentioned SCEA press site (click to expand). 

Does that mean The Last Guardian is definitely going to support the PlayStation Move? Well, hold your horses as there are a few reasons why we can’t give that for granted yet.

First of all, as you have probably noticed, the other titles on that list are all Move “required” ones (created exclusively for the device), and it’s very unlikely that The Last Guardian would be such a Move-only title.

The other thing is that, well, according to that very site, The Last Guardian was supposedly released on “June 10, 2009”.

While all things point at some sort of mistake by whoever manages that SCEA press site, it’s definitely suspicious to see The Last Guardian (of all games) as the one being mistakenly listed in that Move section.

As a matter of fact, during an interview with Dengeki Online conducted last year, Fumito Ueda (creator of The Last Guardian as well as of the soon to be re-released in HD/3D ICO and Shadow of the Colossus) didn’t rule out Move support for his latest creation. “However, even if we did adopt Move, it would be Move compatible, and not exclusive”, he stated.

So does that mistake on the SCEA site mean a positive decision was made about Move adoption for The Last Guardian (be it exclusive or not)? 

I’ve contacted people in the know for a confirmation. Will update this post if I get more info to share.

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