GamesCom 2011 | Move Fitness Video Interview

Game designer at Coldwood Interactive Martin Sahlin talks Move Fitness, a technically sophisticated and conceptually refreshing fitness game combining the benefits of physical exercise with the fun of pure gaming.

I’ll publish a more detailed analysis in the upcoming days, but for the time being it’s worth mentioning that Move Fitness is powered by a rather clever body tracking algorithm using two Move controllers for delivering a solid sense of freedom and immersion without asking to endure a complex calibration process. It’s pure Move magic (and brilliant programming) in action by the makers of another unique Move game – The Fight: Lights Out.

Easily one of the most interesting and eye-opening games to look forward to in the upcoming months. Even if you are not into the whole fitness thing.

PS: Sorry for the dust particle on the lens. Didn’t notice until after the interview ended. Damn windy Cologne weather.