New Video Of The Mysterious Move Game Shows More About The New Santa Monica Production [UPDATE: Game Title Might Be "Datura"]

Remember the mysterious video hinting at an unannounced Move game first revealed here on iWaggle3D a few weeks ago? Well, here is another one…

This time the video (entitled “Second Forest Movie”) comes from Plastic itself and shows quite a bit more than the previous one.
Things to notice:

– You can apparently walk around (at 0:21)
– The Move controller popping up at the bottom right of the screen is actually an in-game icon (at 0:30)
– You can drive a car (at 0:42)
– Stereoscopic 3D support? (at 0:48)
– Poor pig (at 0:55)

The video also ends with the Santa Monica Studio logo, confirming this is a collaboration between the SCEA studio and Plastic.

And this is not over yet… A third video is apparently out there somewhere to be found already.

“Search for third one. Combining them will give you answers”, the source said.

Investigation time guys!

[UPDATE] The name of this mysterious title might be “Datura“. 

Here is why.

Earlier today I received two YouTube links to the new video embedded above. This one and this other one

Apparently, all they have in common is the footage (not quite tho – compare the car scenes and the endings… the pig survives in one of them! Thanks Graphics Horse), but there is actually more than meets the eye. The YouTube IDs in fact, while different, share the very same letters, one being “TRDAUA” and the other one being “AAUTDR”.

Unjamming those six letters results in the word “DATURA”, which is the name of a species of plants with hallucinogenic properties.

Now, here is how the datura stramonium flower looks like.

Isn’t that suspiciously similar to the mysterious logo (see below) introducing both videos revealed thus far? 

On top of that, a few weeks ago Eurogamer reported an official statement from Plastic ending with this line: “We also encourage you to find the game title. We are planting the seeds now…”

Planting the seeds uh? ;)

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