Plastic Confirms "Datura" As The Name Of The Mysterious Santa Monica Studio Production

Polish demoscene group Plastic confirmed to iWaggle3D today that “Datura” is indeed the name of the mysterious Move game we have been guess working around these last few weeks.

Since earlier this month, three mysterious videos have popped up online, hinting at some yet unannounced Move-related production. 
The first one, published via YouTube on September 8th under the title of “Odd Forest” (now renamed “Datura – first teaser”) was quickly linked to the Polish developers by the investigative work of NeoGAF member Toppot. The developers subsequently confirmed their involvement, adding that God of War creator Santa Monica Studio is producing the project.

A couple of weeks later, two new videos were released on YouTube, apparently identical but actually slightly different both in content and uploader IDs. That was when the “Datura” name was cracked, which now Plastic has confirmed to iWaggle3D as the official one.

Without revealing much else about it, Plastic was also kind enough to share further information on this still quite mysterious project.

As hinted by the blurred car sequence in the last two videos, Datura will indeed support stereoscopic 3D, but probably the most important bit of news to many is that this is not a tech demo nor some sort of an “experience” akin to Linger in Shadows (previous Plastic work for PS3).

Datura is an actual game, of a yet unknown genre that is, but still a game.

Moreover, Datura isn’t a Move-only effort as initially believed, but it is actually compatible with the DualShock 3 as well. A closer analysis of both videos reveals this. Looking at the bottom right portion of the screen in the comparison video below (at the 0:30 mark), one footage shows a DualShock 3 icon (its L2 trigger animated and colored in orange), whereas the other one shows a Move controller.

Just to be sure I was not seeing things I’ve asked Plastic for a confirmation and the answer was positive. That said, the developer was keen to point out that the (quite fascinating) virtual hand technology displayed in these videos has been in development for the last couple of years, specifically for the Move. How does that translate to the DS3 interface is anyone’s guess at this time, as well as to what extent the hybrid nature of the interaction interferes with the full expression of Move potential.

Finally, upon suggesting that the forest shown in the videos might act as some sort of hub from which the player enters different worlds through doors or other passages, and that whatever he does in those “other worlds” affects the look of the forest itself (as hinted by the way the forest looks in the last shots of both videos – looks brighter in the “pig lives” one), Plastic wouldn’t confirm but conceded an encouraging “it’s a very good deduction!”.

Look forward to more Datura news shortly. A “proper” unveiling is apparently expected in the next few days.