RUMOR | Mysterious Video Hints At Unannounced PlayStation Move Game [UPDATE: Makers Of Linger In Shadows Behind This]

An anonymous source pointed us to a video entitled “Odd Forest” depicting what seems to be an unannounced Move title. The source didn’t provide any details, but said info will come very soon.

As you can see for yourself in the video embedded below, the mysterious off-screen footage shows a virtual hand floating before a windy forest environment caressing trees and statues, its fingers procedurally animated as it makes contact with them. Interestingly, you can also notice a Move controller peaking from the bottom-right side of the screen between 1:07 and 1:17.
Whatever this is, be it a Move game or a Move.Me project, I think it’s cool enough to bring it to your attention.

[UPDATE] NeoGAF member Toppot has conducted some clever detective work on the matter, coming to the conclusion that this might be something in the works by Polish demoscene group Plastic, makers of the fascinating Linger in Shadows “experience”, published on PSN back in 2008. Color me intrigued to say the least.

[UPDATE 2] Plastic confirms. Santa Monica Studios producing.

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