RUMOR | New PS3 Exclusive The Last Of Us Might Feature PlayStation Move Support

Teased this last weekend and expected to be fully unveiled next week during the Spike TV Video Game Awards, The Last of Us might be a Move compatible game. If not a “Move required” one…

Wait, a PS3 exclusive? The Last of Us? Move compatible? What the hell are you talking about, Waggler?
Right. I guess a recap of the recent events is needed for those unaware of what occurred these last few days. (If you are, you can jump at the end of this article, right after the last video.)

At the end of November, billboards advertising the upcoming Video Game Awards show (to air on Spike TV this Saturday night at 8PM EST) began to pop up throughout New York City promising “13 Exclusive World Premieres”, among which “A PS3 Exclusive You Won’t Believe”. 

Here is a photo of one of those billboards taken from outside of Penn Station by NeoGAF member Chronos4590.

Predictably, the community immediately began to speculate about what that PS3 exclusive might be, a speculation fueled by the inevitable flood of teasing tweets from Spike TV GTTV host and producer Geoff Keighley

After having confirmed they will indeed show a PS3 exclusive we won’t believe and implied (twice) that it is not related to “Title Fight” (tentative name for the rumored Sony brawler akin to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. featuring notorious Sony characters and apparently in development at SuperBot Entertainment – check The Paul Gale Network for more information about this one), on Friday, December 2nd, Keighley tweeted the following: “It’s going to be a fun weekend“. 

Which indeed was.

What happened during the weekend is that the www.lastofus.com web site went live, along with two videos.

The first one, embedded below, is a live footage trailer showcasing riots and quarantine signs ending with the logo “The Last of Us”, which Keighley quickly confirmed to be related to the “unbelievable” PS3 exclusive mentioned on the VGA billboards.

Along with that apocalyptic one, another, 16 seconds video depicting an ant climbing a plant before stopping and having some odd appendix coming out of its head was up at www.lastofus.com as well. What’s up with that? 

The guys at PlayStation Lifestyle cracked the mystery by following the “cordyceps” tag associated (along with “humanity”, “end of civilization”, “martial law”, “survival” and “riots”) to the YouTube version of that very same trailer. 

That led to a BBC documentary about the “killer fungi” known as “cordyceps”, which turns out to be where that 16 seconds clip was taken from.

So, up to this point it would be fair to assume that the PS3 exclusive is some sort of survival horror game set in a world on the verge of human annihilation. But how does the PlayStation Move fit into all of this?

Soon after the trailer release, a new wave of speculations begun. Predictably, the old Until Dawn rumor (click for a reminder) was brought up along with the assumption that The Last of Us might be the same game, just renamed, hence some sort of PlayStation Move compatible (if not required) survival horror game.

Unsurprisingly, some didn’t like the sound of that at all. Among the various, negative reactions to a possible Move-only horror game (there are people out there still unaware of Move awesomeness, go figure), this one posted by the NeoGAF member B_Rik_Schitthaus (warning: swearing at the link) spurred an interesting reaction from Geoff Keighley (aka geoffmk on NeoGAF), who felt the need to reply: “B_Rik_Schitthaus, I am taking down your name. Let’s talk exactly a week from now….

Having said that, Geoff never posted again in that thread as far as I know, letting the discussion degenerate into a fight between Move lovers and haters. 

While hardly a definitive confirmation of Move support, it’s interesting that Geoff hasn’t denied it yet, despite the fading interest in the VGA PS3 exclusive unveiling this seems to have caused for some people.

Moreover, Geoff hasn’t replied to my very own (and others) direct questions on the subject (via Twitter) either, again missing an easy opportunity to debunk the PlayStation Move compatibility assumption.

So everything seems to be pointing at a PlayStation Move title then, a compatible one at least. But why would it be so surprising, to the point of assuming we won’t believe it, is anyone’s guess. Personally, I have the feeling the surprising part won’t be the game per se, but the identity of the developer behind it. That voice in the live footage trailer sounds suspiciously familiar to me…

On a side note, this new PS3 exclusive is unrelated to the Plastic / Sony Santa Monica Studios production that has been teased a few months back. That one is called Datura.   

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