MLB 12 The Show Move Controls Explained

Oh wow, how did I miss this? Check out this video recorded by the guys at PSNation during a recent MLB 12 The Show Community Event in San Diego explaining the Move controls in great detail.

Unlike last year MLB 11 The Show, which only supported Move in a dedicated “Home Run Derby” mode, the new iteration of the popular baseball simulation will feature full PlayStation Move integration (along with 3D support), meaning you’ll be able to control every aspect of the simulation (batting, pitching, fielding and base running) with the motion controller.

How? Well, hit play below and listen to Senior Designer at SCEA San Diego Eddy Cramm as he goes through all the “segments” comprsing the rather elaborated Move implementation they have come up with.

MLB 12 The Show is scheduled for March release in North America.

Many thanks to iWaggle3D Forum member “gluv65” for bringing this to my attention.