Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Announced. Features PlayStation Move Support

From the makers of Air Conflicts: Secret Wars comes an ambitious sequel which is more than just another flight simulator. And yes, it will support the PlayStation Move.

Developed by Games Farm and scheduled for the 4th quarter of this year, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers sounds conceptually similar to Eidos’ Battlestations series as it won’t simply let you fly planes around the Pacific Ocean during WWII, but also command an air carrier, bringing a new strategic element to the mix.

Not only that. In Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers you will be able to command whole squadrons, switching planes on the fly, and also defend your carrier by taking control of its cannons.

The press release also mentions the ability to “take a walk on the deck of your carrier”, which will apparently allow you to “discover new missions”, somehow.

Here is the official description in full:

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is a unique flight simulation with strategy elements and a compelling storyline. The game is focused on aircraft missions during WW2 that are started from aircraft carriers. You can (but do not have to) control the carrier what (sic) gives you the option to plan equipment and missions in detail. Choose your side: US Navy vs. Japanese Imperial Navy.

Key Features
– Much more than a flight simulation! You are the captain of an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean in WW2.

– A whole carrier under your command! Make your own decisions based on the information you get from the admiral.

– Protect your carrier! Take control of the ship’s cannon turrets in Survive Mode.

– Take a walk on the deck of your carrier! Discover new missions while you patrol on the deck of your carrier.

– Take control of whole squadrons! Instead of controlling just one airplane, you can control aircrafts in every squadron in the respective mission.

– Equip your airplanes with real weapons! All possible plane-weapons-configuration is based on real models.

– A game that never gets boring! Play multiple single player and innovative multiplayer modes.

– Experience the most famous WW2 battles! Be in the heart of battles like Midway, Pearl Harbor and Wake Island.

– A huge war machinery for you to choose from! The game contains a total of 4 aircraft carriers, 21 battle ships and 12 aircrafts.

As you have probably noticed, the description doesn’t mention PlayStation Move support, nor does the official game site, but iWaggle3D can exclusively confirm that Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers will indeed support Sony’s motion controller.

Given that it’s being developed by the very same people responsible for Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, the first PS3 flight simulator featuring Move support (and a great one at that), this is hardly shocking news (albeit still an exciting one). Then again, it will be interesting to see how the developers will shape the controls around the various non-flying activities (controlling the carrier and its turrets, walking around the deck) and more importantly ensure a smooth transition between them.

Stick around for more information about Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers in the upcoming months.