Gearbox "Exploring Options on Alternative Controls" For Aliens: Colonial Marines

Answering to a direct question related to the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines first person shooter, Gearbox Software PR & Marketing man Adam Fletcher rekindles the glimmer of hope about possible Move implementation in Gearbox shooters.

In November last year, company’s President and CEO Randy Pitchford expressed interest in supporting the PlayStation Move. “The experience I had with Resistance 3 and the sharp shooter makes me want to see something special done with that interface in our games”, he stated on the US PlayStation Blog.

Today, I took the opportunity provided by a new PlayStation Blog post concerning Aliens: Colonial Marines, and tossed a simple “PlayStation Move support?” in the related comments section.

Interestingly, the question didn’t go unanswered, as Fletcher kindly replied as follows:

“We are exploring options on alternative controls but we haven’t confirmed or announced anything yet. I recommend following the Sega and Gearbox Twitter as we tend to update our fans immediately if we have any big news to reveal for our fans regarding A:CM :)”

Here, I even took a picture of it:

Again, just like with Pitchford’s statement of a few months ago, we are still in the realm of the unconfirmed, but the “exploring” attitude is at least commendable if not promising, especially in the light of the other project Gearbox Software is working on: Borderlands 2.