Introducing Depth Hunter, The First PlayStation Move Compatible Spearfishing Simulator

Created by indie developer Biart and scheduled to ship via the PlayStation Network later this year, Depth Hunter is a quite unique take on the “hunting” genre, for it brings you out of the woods and into the sea, replacing your rifle with a rubber powered spear gun. Oxygen tanks not included.

Going by the description of the recently released PC version (which is compatible with the Razer Hydra motion controller by the way), you can expect the PS3 edition of Depth Hunter to offer 25 missions in which you’ll have to dive into a rich underwater world for the purpose of catching specific fish species and finding treasures.

Once you have successfully speared a fish, you’ll then have carefully retrieve it, alternating between pulling and releasing the fishing line to avoid breaking it (a la Sega Bass Fishing, basically).

Compliant to the rules of the actual spearfishing sport activity, you won’t be equipped with a scuba tank, meaning you’ll have to hunt down your pray and retrieve your booty all the while holding your breath. Fail to reach the surface before the oxygen meter depletes and it’s mission failed.

But that’s not the only risk you’ll be facing in Depth Hunter as the digitally recreated undersea fauna will also include predators you’ll need to stay away from or even fight.

For the more pacific players, a “Free Mode” will allow to calmly explore the underwater world (and take photos of it) without the hassle of having to achieve a specific goal.

On the subject of Move support, specifics are unknown at the moment, but it will be interesting to see how the developers will replicate the feeling of underwater aiming with the Move to mirror that of the PC version, which is achieved thanks to some lag applied to mouse input (check this Let’s Play video for a better understanding of this aiming characteristic). Would it feel the same if such lag was applied to a floating cursor or would it be better if the cursor was fixed?

Finally, while the PC version of Depth Hunter will support stereoscopic 3D visuals, this won’t be the case with the PlayStation 3 version. Hopefully the 2D visuals will retain the same beauty of the PC ones.

For those curious about how Depth Hunter plays on PC, I strongly suggest to check the Let’s Play video mentioned above as well as the evocative official trailer embedded below. If you have a decent PC, you can also download a demo right here (Desura client needed).