iWin | Under Siege (2nd Round)

Pay attention people. You like free games don’t you? Good, because that’s exactly what you might be getting by participating to this iWin contest!

Developer Seed Studios was kind enough to send iWaggle3D FOUR Under Siege PSN code keys for unlocking the Trial version of the game (just released on the EU PlayStation Store), and iWaggle3D is going to give them to as many winners of the herewith explained contest.  

It’s very simple.

Just be sure to be registered to the iWaggle3D Forum by 06:00PM GMT tomorrow Thursday,  February 2nd, because that’s when iWaggle3D will start posting questions in this thread (to be unlocked when the time comes), which you will then have to answer as quickly as possible.  

The questions will relate to the recently released patch 1.02 (Hint: one of the four answers is nowhere to be found in that post, but it’s still related…).

First iWaggle3D Forum member to post the correct answer in the dedicated thread will get one of the available PSN unlock keys via Private Message. 

Winners will be announced immediately, and are not allowed to keep participating to the competition – basically, it’s one code per winner. 

To avoid cheating, the thread will be moderated so your posts won’t be visible until we get a winner.    

Winners will be able to redeem the PSN code from the EU PlayStation Store.  

Remember, the PSN codes are just for downloading the key needed to unlock the Trial version of Under Siege. So go download the latter from the EU PlayStation Store now, enjoy it and then come back here tomorrow for a chance to unlock the full content for free!