PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2012 – And The Nominees Are…

Starting today, you can vote for the best Move and 3D PSN games of 2011 from a selection of three per category. Winners will go on sale next week.

In order to vote, all you need to do is access the US PlayStation Store and select “Gamer’s Choice Awards” from the menu to the left. This will bring you to the categories screen. In each category you’ll find three games, along with a “Vote Here” icon. Select the latter and you’ll be asked to cast you vote.

As a reward for participating, you’ll get an exclusive XMB theme related to your selection.

Winners of each category will go on sale starting March 6th.

With regards to the PlayStation Move and 3D games categories, these are the nominees:

Best PlayStation Move Game
– Dungeon Defenders
– 4 Elements HD
– Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

Best 3D Game
– God of War: Origins Collection
– Dungeon Defenders
– The Sly Collection

According to the Official PlayStation Blog, “each of the nominees were selected based on their ratings from you”, which makes you wonder why great Move games such as inFamous: Festival of Blood (rated 4.81) and Max and the Magic Marker (rated 4.51) are not included in the Best PlayStation Move Game category even tho they are rated higher than some of the nominees (Dungeon Hunter: Alliance has a rating of 4.40).