Datura: What We Know So Far

Formally announced at this year’s GDC in San Francisco, Datura is finally getting some proper exposure thanks to reports from media outlets who attended the event. Here is all the information and media I could find about it.

As suggested by the teasing videos released a few months ago, Datura is indeed a game about choices utilizing the PlayStation Move to control a virtual hand and use it to interact with the environment in different ways. Game director at Plastic Michal Staniszewski (the guys responsible for Linger in Shadows), describes it as follows:

Finding yourself in a mysterious forest, you will navigate your way through the game by controlling your character’s hand using PlayStation Move technology. From here, you are immersed into the game’s unique experimental narrative and original way of interaction, which enables you to experience the world not only visually, but also empirically – an illusion that you can actually touch trees, faces, and other objects.

While taking inspiration from film-like narratives, Datura is a story you get a chance to physically participate in. As you travel through the game, you will encounter choices and face your consequences. It is through these puzzles that Datura explores an element of anxiety: was it a right choice or a wrong choice?

The Official US PlayStation Blog has investigated further with an interview with Michal Staniszewski published here, along with the following video demonstration recorded during the GDC 2012 and conducted by Sony Santa Monica’s producer Matt Morton.

Similar video demonstrations showing more aspects of the game can also be found at Gametrailers and IGN. Here are the embedded versions of both.

And finally, here is another video showing Michal Staniszewski himself as he explains the genesis and the ambition of Datura, courtesy of the Official PlayStation YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more information and media about Datura as we get closer to the game release.