Foosball 2012: Play Table Football Like You Are Used To

Just looking at the PlayStation Move, there are so many things you can think of controlling with it: a sword, a racket, a bat, a magic wand. A virtual hand even. But a table football bar? Bet you never thought of that. And yet, it makes so much sense!

One of the (many) things that excites me about the PlayStation Move technology is the wealth of its possible applications. Some of them are easy to imagine, but then there are times when someone comes out with one that makes you feel dumb for not having thought about it yourself.

Well, that’s what Grip Games did with Foosball 2012.

Supporting both local and online multiplayer, Foosball 2012 is a digital recreation of the table-top game going by the same name (also know as “table football”, “footzy” or “bar football”). Chances are you have played it at least once in your (however young) life, so I won’t go into the details about how it works.

Even tho the basic concept dates back as far as early 20th century, what’s fascinating about Foosball 2012 is that it’s supposed to play like the real thing. Exploiting the 1:1 motion tracking capabilities of the PlayStation Move technology, you’ll be able to pull, push and rotate the bars as you were holding the actual handles.

“The Move controls work exactly like if you were controlling a real foosball table and there is no lag between Move and on-screen action,” assures Jakub Mikyska, CEO of Grip Games, on the PlayStation Blog. “We made sure that the Move controls are perfect.”

Even better, if you have two Moves, you’ll be able to use both hands to control two bars simultaneously.

As far as I understand, when using the DualShock 3 (which Foosball 2012 supports), you’ll be operating one stick to push and pull the bars, and another one pass/shoot the ball. It’s not clear whether you will be able to control two bars simultaneously in this case.

Assuming it plays like the similar iOS game Let’s Foosball, the Vita version will likely allow that tho. Expected to ship alongside the PS3 one (with cross play and gameplay continuation support), the Vita edition of Foosball 2012 will take advantage of the device unique features such as the rear touch pad and the accelerometers on top of a sticks-based control setup similar to the DS3 one.

Much like MotorStorm RC, purchasing either version of Foosball 2012 will grant you access to the other one at no extra cost.

The game will tentatively be sold at $9.99/€7.99 (or less) when it will release on the PlayStation Store sometime this Spring.