GDC 2012 | Datura To Be Playable At Sony’s Booth [UPDATE: Animated Logo]

Looks like the time has come for the mysterious Move compatible game Datura to enjoy a proper unveiling as Polish developer Plastic announces it’s just about to happen at Sony’s GDC 2012 booth.

A short post on Plastic’s website entitled “Datura at GDC 2012” states the following:

“Hello, if you want to see it for your very own eyes please be invited to GDC 2012. We will be showcasing “Datura” at Sony’s booth. Everything is packed and prepared so see you there! More info and a complete webpage for this project will be announced after GDC. Please also check PlayStation blog, since there will be official statement of Sony coming real soon.”


The news post comes with an official Datura poster (see below) showing the logo and an art piece depicting the fascinating forest and its fauna (pig included) we have been teased with in a few videos released some months ago.

As already confirmed by iWaggle3D back then, Datura will support stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move. The latter won’t be mandatory since the game will be compatible with traditional controllers as well. The “hand tech” showcased by the teasing videos tho, has been in development specifically for the PlayStation Move for more than two years.

Stay tuned for more information!

[UPDATE] Animated logo. Many thanks to Tjaldid Tjaldid.