The Amazing Spider-Man Move Support Confirmed

Published yesterday on Amazon.com, a box art for the upcoming Spider-Man game had an unexpected feature on it: a “PlayStation Move Compatible” disclaimer. It turns out that art is actually the final one, and yes, the game will support the Move.

Jonathan Gendron, PR manager at Beenox (a subsidiary studio of Activision in charge for the development of the game) kindly confirmed to me today that The Amazing Spider-Man will indeed feature PlayStation Move support.

“This is the final Box Art and the PS3 version will effectively support The PlayStation Move motion controller”, Jonathan said.

No further information was given about the nature of Sony’s motion controller support, but it’s interesting to note that the PlayStation Move “bubble” on the cover (see below) shows a pair of Moves (along with the PS Eye) rather than the usual Move-Navi combo, implying that whatever the extent of PlayStation Move support will be, you’ll need two controllers to take advantage of it.

This would make The Amazing Spider-Man the very first 3rd party game to require two Moves, albeit optionally so.

Perhaps the Move implementation is related to the new “Web Rush” mechanic which allows to freely look at the environment from a first person perspective, pick up a destination and watch Spidey maneuver there acrobatically.

I’ll let you know as soon as I learn more about this.

The Amazing Spider-Man will launch in June 26.