Zindagi Games Working On Next Generation Console

News that one of the most proficient creators of PlayStation Move games is migrating to next generation development rises speculation that the PlayStation 3 successor might come with some sort of an evolution of the Move controller.

Prefacing various new job openings on Gamasutra, the developers of Sports Champions and Medieval Moves state that they are “moving on and working on the next generation home console”.

Moreover, among the openings listed on the company’s website, there is one looking for a “Graphic Software Engineer” to “work on a next-generation graphics engine”.

Being as they are a 2nd party developer, that would mean Zindagi is working on the PlayStation 4, or whatever Sony will eventually name it.

Now, while this news doesn’t necessarily imply that the next PlayStation will feature a Move-like controller, looking at the history of Zindagi and its attitude towards the Move technology (“among the most exciting developments in gaming over the past 2 years”, as they describe it), it’s hard to dismiss such an hypothesis as unlikely.

Based in Camarillo, Califronia, Zindagi Games has been at the forefront of PlayStation Move development, assisting Sony not only as a 2nd party developer specialized in Move exclusive games, but also as a close collaborator in the creation of its current motion controller technology, “from inception all the way through R&D and production”, as the job listing preface reveals.

So, what do you think? Sports Champions 2 to be a PlayStation 4 launch title?

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Kudos to GAF member Globox_82 for spotting this.