Important Message Concerning iWaggle3D

Hello kind readers. As you have probably noticed, I haven’t updated iWaggle3D in a while. Well, here is why. (Hint: it’s good news!)

During the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy working on a Move-related video for the Official Italian PlayStation Blog. That video went live today (along with an introductory post written by myself) and marks the beginning of a collaboration between iWaggle3D and Sony PlayStation Italy.

You can check the Italian PlayStation Blog post here or watch the video embedded below (everything is in Italian of course).

Now allow me to offer some background.

Asked to produce a video to go along with my introductory blog post I thought it was a good idea to provide something representative of the way I look at the PlayStation Move. That is, not just as a device for casual games but rather as a multipurpose controller, suitable for all kinds of gaming experiences. In a nutshell, I wanted to expose the versatility of the PlayStation Move as a control interface.

Sony kindly agreed that was a good idea, and gave me the go ahead, but asked for the video not to exceed a 2 minutes length. That’s the only rule I had to adhere to, which wasn’t easy due to my notorious pedantry. So, after quite a bit of filming and editing (and more editing) I eventually managed to put together what I think is a decent enough showcase of the Move flexibility, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

On that point, I’ve uploaded on the iWaggle3D YouTube channel a voiceover-free version of the video for you (my dear international audience) to watch without having to endure my annoying voice. I think the montage is self-explanatory enough for the “versatility message” to come across regardless. In this version you can also better appreciate the synched music.

Here you go.

Now you might be wondering what’s gonna be of iWaggle3D. Well, if everything goes according to the keikaku (that is, if people like my Move-related content for the Italian PlayStation Blog), things will likely improve over here as I get exposed to more Move awesomeness to report about.

Mind you that even tho the making of this video kept me away from iWaggle3D during the last couple of weeks, that was mostly because I took this opportunity to experiment with new ways of portraying myself (and my hands) on top of game footage. Which is something future iWatch videos will definitely benefit from.

And this is it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. Looking forward to your feedback!