PixelJunk 4am Release Date Set. Beta Starting Two Weeks Ahead Of Launch

The Move-exclusive music mixer software from Q-Games will be deployed on the US/EU PlayStation Stores on May 15th/16th. Limited numbers of beta codes will be given to Move-equipped PS Plus members starting from May 1st.

To add more sweet to an already sweet news, lead designer Rowan Parker also revealed that PixelJunk 4am “can be used as a stand-alone music visualizer to play your favorite music from your PS3”, even if you don’t own a Move (shame on you).

As for what PixelJunk 4am is all about, in case you missed the previous coverage here at iWaggle3D, Rowan offered a pretty detailed description of what you’ll be able to do with the software, which goes like this:

“We’ve created various different events you can choose from to play live. Different events will present you with different mixes of songs, visualizers and a new mood to go with each one. You then take this event live on PSN and make it your own, crafting and performing it however you want.

Here’s some numbers for everyone. Each song has 4 track instruments you can use: a Drum, Bass, Rhythm and Synth. Each track then has 4 different looping samples and four one-shot sounds in space around you that you can use. All of the loops and samples are different for each song as well, meaning events can have up to (4 loops + 4 one-shots) x 4 tracks x 5 songs = 160 different sound samples to pull from and mix however you like. :)

Then, there are the Effects that you can apply on top of those. Each of the four tracks has unique Effects living on different axes in space around you (like a giant 3D Kaoss pad for those of you into DJing and synths). Using these effects (reverb, low/high pass filter, flanger, ringmod, chorus and more), you can modulate the original sound samples into something completely different. All Effects run independently on each track instrument using the power of the PS3’s SPU hardware, so you could have up to 16 Effects simultaneously modulating all your music!

For people who really want to hack the songs, you can even dub your Move motions into a loop and play that recorded path of motion back through the music. That means any cool sounds or rhythms you make could become the new bass line in a song.

PixelJunk 4am supports up to two PS Move controllers for performing together in an event. So you COULD have your friend over and mix beats side-by-side with them. OR you could rock it dual-wielding a PS Move in each hand.”

Be sure to keep an eye on iWaggle3D from May 1st onward as I’ll likely publish my iWatch video analysis of PixelJunk 4am sometime during the beta period ;).