RUMOR | Datura Set For Release Next Month [UPDATE: Official Datura Site Now Live]

According to its product page as it appears on the official European PlayStation website, Datura is apparently scheduled for release on May 9th in Europe.

Even tho the source of this information is as legit as it gets, I’ll file this under the Rumor label just in case it’s some sort of typo or placeholder. It’s worth noting tho that May 9th is a Wednesday, which happens to be that day of the week during which the European PlayStation Store gets updated with new content.

The US PlayStation Store updates on Tuesdays, so if that date is actually correct and the plan is to deploy Datura simultaneously across all Sony’s PlayStation Stores, North American people might be getting Datura a day earlier, on May 8th.

A new trailer is also available on the Datura product page. Sorry, can’t embed.
[UPDATE 1] Now I can, thanks to PSN Stores.

[UPDATE 2] The official Datura website just went live. It doesn’t mention a release date, but does provide a better version of the trailer embedded above, along with a “presspack” containing some hi-resolution art and game info.

On that point, searching YouTube for an embeddable version of that trailer (which I didn’t find), I’ve stumbled upon a 21 minutes gameplay video of Datura published about a month ago. Unlike other videos originating from this year’s Game Developers Conference (with took place last March in San Francisco and saw Datura formally unveiled and demoed), this one is direct feed, albeit in low res.

Watch it at your own risk as spoilers are likely to abound.