First Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Trailer Confirms PlayStation Move Support

German publisher bitComposer has released the first trailer of the upcoming arcade flight simulator Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers. I’m excited.

Sequel to the first (and still the only one) Move compatible arcade flight sim Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, which took place mostly among the skies of Europe during WWII (and WWI during some “flashback missions”), Pacific Carriers sticks to the same conflict, but takes the action to the Pacific (shocking news, I know).

More importantly tho, Pacific Carriers seems to improve quite a bit over the original with an extra coat of tactical thinking.

As a matter of fact, this time around you won’t be limited to controlling one plane per mission, but you’ll manage multiple squadrons engaged in more missions simultaneously. According to the updated features set available at the publisher’s site, you’ll be able to switch between planes of a same squadron quite literally on the fly, an option provided to compensate for the fact that each plane comes with a realistically limited amount of ammunition, hence the need to switch if the one your currently controlling runs out of ammo (to much disappointment of the AI taking over the controls, I suppose).

Moreover, as the captain of an aircraft carrier (be him either Admiral Lucas Stark or Hideaki Hashimoto, depending on the side you choose between US and Japanese forces), you’ll be also tasked with defending your ship by controlling its turrets and look for incoming enemies and new mission opportunities from its watchtower. As for the former activity, it’s not clear whether defending your carrier will be an integral part of the main game or some sort of self-contained mini-game. The description refers to it as something you’ll be doing in “Survive Mode”.

As for PlayStation Move support (revealed for the first time in this trailer, but already confirmed exclusively here at iWaggle3D a few months back), details are nowhere to be found, but if the previous title in the series is any indication, you can expect a quite accomplished implementation.

The clever Move integration in Air Conflicts: Secret Wars actually reignited my enthusiasm for flight simulators since consoles took over the home computers as my main gateway for gaming. Even tho it came rather late into the development cycle and took just a couple of weeks (as explained by the developers in this interview), the implementation was surprisingly good. Holding the Move like an actual flight stick to control both banking (via tilting) and yawing (via lateral sphere movement) was an eye opener, and a clear indication of how the genre could benefit from the unique characteristics of the Move technology.

So yeah, I’m really looking forward to checking out 3Division’s next go with it.

And now, trailer time! (Also, great music!)