Ghost Recon: Future Soldier To Feature Limited PlayStation Move Support. Also, What’s Up With Ubisoft?

The upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier shooter by Ubisoft will support PlayStation Move, but only in the context of the weapon modification mode “Gunsmith”.

Apologies for reporting this news just now (PlayStation Lifestyle broke it last March), but better late than never right?

For what it’s worth tho, I’ve contacted developer Red Storm for confirmation and further information, and it turns out that yes, you’ll indeed be able to use the PlayStation Move to navigate the Gunsmith interface but, no, you won’t be able to use voice commands as with the Kinect version (you’ll use buttons instead to select modifications).

Moreover, while you’ll be able to use the PlayStation Move to fire your weapons in Gunsmith’s shooting rage, “there will be limited support for movement”, much like with the Kinect implementation I suppose. For those that don’t know, when using a traditional controller you are free to move around in Gunsmith’s shooting rage. I assume this means no analog stick support, which is kind of sad considering that would have likely allowed to extend PlayStation Move support to the whole game.

Overall it looks like PlayStation Move support in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier simply mirrors in functionality what was implemented for the Kinect version (watch the video at the bottom), minus the voice commands (for whatever reason, allow me to say, considering voice commands were a major feature of Ubisoft’s RTS Endwar on PS3).

On a more general note, I wonder what’s up with Ubisoft lately when it comes to games featuring both Kinect and Move support. How came they are so hush hush about the latter?

Just like with Mizuguchi’s multiplatform shooter Child of Eden, which was announced as a Kinect compatible title with no reference to Move support until very close to release on PS3 (the official website does still not mention Move support, nor the exclusive 3D support included in the PS3 version), Kinect support is yet again the only extra feature Ubisoft has been open about with regards to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Sure they are ok with confirming it to inquiries from the press, but their marketing department seems a bit confused…

As a matter of fact, there is not a single reference to Move compatibility on the official Ghost Recon: Future Soldier website, and if you go look for PS3 covers on various online stores, you’ll notice the Move disclaimer appears rather randomly. For example, it’s not there on Amazon.com nor on Gamestop.com, but then again it’s there on Amazon.co.uk or Gamestop.ca.

How odd is that?