Sports Champions 2 Announced. Debut Trailer And First Details (Boxing, Bowling, Golf, Tennis And More) [UPDATE: No Online, No SC1 Events Besides Archery]

We have been asking for it since forever and here it is: Sports Champions 2, the sequel to the most successful Move exclusive game ever, is indeed coming with all sorts of new activities for you (and your family/friends) to enjoy 1:1 style.

Announced by game’s producer (Great Job) Jeremy Ray on the PlayStation Blog today, and scheduled to release this fall, Sports Champions 2 will feature a brand new set of sport games such as Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Golf and Bowling, along with a “fully updated Archery experience”.

On this last inclusion, it’s yet unclear whether that implies that all the original game’s sports will be included in the sequel. I personally doubt that’s the case, even tho Jeremy refers to the Sports Champions 2 sporting lineup as an “expanded” one. (For those that don’t know, besides Archery, the original Sports Champions featured Disc Golf, Gladiator Duel, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Bocce.)
[UPDATE] No SC1 disciplines in SC2 besides the “updated Archery experience”, apparently. You can assume this by reading Jeremy’s reply to a user asking if it will be possible to download SC1 games.

As for the confirmed lineup, while comprised of an overall less original selection of disciplines compared to those featured in the first Sports Champions, it will be interesting to see how they will benefit from Zindagi‘s experience with true 1:1 controls.

About that, it seems like two Moves will be required to get the most out of the game. While the number of events benefiting from a dual Move set-up is the same as in Sports Champions (Skiing, Boxing and Archery vs Gladiator Duel, Volleyball and – again – Archery), the actual activities those events simulate don’t seem all that accommodating towards single-Move usage. Especially Boxing.
[UPDATE] Jeremy confirmed every game will be playable with one Move. He also kindly provided me with info about how the boxing game is going to work with one Move. You’ll basically use the buttons located on that one Move to punch with the other hand.

Oh, and before you ask, there is no confirmation of Navigation controller support in the Tennis game. (I have the feeling it will not be supported due to the casual-oriented nature of the product, but you never know.)
[UPDATE] In fact, the Navigation controller is not supported.

Anyway, besides returning features such as single-player Cup Play, Free Play and Challenge Rounds, Sports Champions 2 will provide an all-new Party Play mode which allows to create your own match playlist by combining different events, including the Challenge Rounds.

Avatars will be more customizable this time around, and it seems like participants to local multiplayer matches will be able play with their own user profiles, and therefore with their own avatars and settings.

A revamped photo-taking feature will apparently allow to see photos and listen to voices from each player during the game, and even draw something on the losers’ ones (much like in the first Start The Party!, apparently).

Another improvement Jeremy points out is a more streamlined calibration process which ditches the 3-steps one of the original (without sacrificing gameplay, he assures).

As for multiplayer modes, the split-screen action on display in the family-oriented debut trailer (see at bottom), along with the fact that, at the time of writing, Jeremy is not answering questions about online support coming (predictably) from PlayStation Blog readers, doesn’t bode too well for those looking forward to playing against people from all over the world. It’s worth reminding tho that Medieval Moves, the latest game from Zindagi, does support online multiplayer. So, we shall see…
[UPDATE] Jeremy has replied to inquiries about online support and the answer is no. 3D support is a yes tho.

More information about Sports Champions 2 is expected to be provided during the upcoming E3 2012 event. Until then, enjoy the debut trailer! (And fingers crossed for online support…)