E3 2012 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Rating System Will Be Attached To The Input Device

From various interviews conducted with Valve’s Chet Faliszek during E3 2012, it emerged that the Elo-based rating system adopted in the upcoming online shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will take the controller being used into account.

What that means is that your skill level with a given input device won’t affect your overall rating because, apparently, there won’t be an “overall rating” to begin with. In fact, it seems like there will be three, one for every supported input device (that is mouse/keyboard, PlayStation Move and DS3).

For example, if you do well with the Move but badly with a DS3, the stats recorded using the latter won’t negatively affect your rating with the former. This is good news for people wanting to experiment with the Move for the first time without potentially bringing down their DS3 or mouse/keyboard rating in the process.

On a side note, it’s worth reminding that, contrary to what was originally planned, the cross platform functionality meant to allow console and PC/Mac players to share the same virtual battlefields won’t be in the game for reasons related to the desire to update the PC client as frequently as needed.

To ease newcomers into the highly competitive world of Counter-Strike, the matchmaking system will put together players of similar rating. To avoid any sort of cheating, it appears that once you have started a match with a given input device you’ll be “locked” to it for the duration of said match. That is, once you have joined a match with a DS3, you won’t be able to switch mid-game to mouse/keyboard or Move. Mind you I have no clear confirmation about this, but it would makes sense considering the way the rating system works.

It’s unclear tho if the matchmaking system will also segregate players based on the controller they use. I’ve specifically asked about this to Valve’s Chet Faliszek via email, and he kindly replied: “Yes, your Elo is attached to your input device”. Not really the answer I was looking for, so I politely asked again, and he kindly replied again: “Match making is based on skill, Elo is used for match making”.

At this point I stopped asking fearing I have been exchanging emails with a bot all along. So, we will basically have to wait and see, I guess.

As for how the PlayStation Move controls work, not having attended E3 this year I can’t really tell, but the PlayStation.Blog has some off-screen footage that shows a floating reticule solution (shocking news).

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will release digitally on August 21st, for 15$.