Okami HD Remaster Coming To PlayStation 3 With PlayStation Move Support [UPDATED]

OkamiHDAs revealed by the latest issue of the Japanese publication Famitsu, an HD remake of the original Okami (PS2, 2006) is scheduled to release in Japan, exclusively for PlayStation 3, on November 1st.

Titled “Okami Zekkie-ban” (or “Okami Superb Edition”, according to Google Translate), the remastered version of the beautiful cel-shaded game originally developed by Clover Studio (also known for Viewtiful Joe and God Hand), will feature Move support, which will likely provide direct control over the “Celestial Paintbrush”.

Inspired by Japanese mythology, Okami is action-adventure game which shares quite a few gameplay similarities with The Legend Of Zelda series. Instead of a young boy, the player controls a white wolf which happens to be the reincarnation of the sun goddess Amaterasu. His task is to restore life back into a land cursed by a demon. To do so, the player will have to fight, solve puzzles, perform miracles and interact with the game world by literally drawing onto the screen with a Celestial Paintbrush.

The original PS2 version used left analog stick for controlling the brush (which comes into view upon pausing the action), while the Wii version released in 2008 (and developed by Ready At Dawn) relied on pointing dynamics. The PlayStation 3 version will likely use the PlayStation Move in a similar way to the latter.

Visually, the new edition of Okami will bring the original cel-shaded graphics (mimicking the look of a Japanese ink-illustration) to a whole new level of awesomeness thanks to a supported resolution of 1080p and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Nothing is known at this time about when and in what form (digital or physical) Okami HD will reach the Western markets. The Japanese version will retail for ¥3,990, and the first copies will come with a serial code for redeeming the digital version of a book based off Okami from the PlayStation Store. This book will employ Sony’s PlayView technology (which also supports the PlayStation Move apparently, but it’s not yet available outside of Japan).

[UPDATE] Okami HD will arrive to US and EU markets this autumn as a digital download for $19.99/€19.99/£15.99. Okami HD is the actual Western title.