RUMOR | Diablo III Coming To PlayStation 3 Exclusively With Battle.Net Integration [UPDATE: Or Maybe Not]

German online retailer Redcoon.de appears to be suggesting that the long rumored console version of Diablo III is actually coming, exclusively to PlayStation 3.

The product specifications lists (translated from German) “5 powerful character classes”, a “brand new 3D-graphics engine with spectacular visual effects and Havok physics” and, more importantly, “multiplayer support via Battle.net, with opportunities for cooperative and competitive game-oriented”.

This last bit of info, if true, might suggest an agreement between Blizzard and Sony similar to the one occurred between Sony and Valve with regards to the PS3 version of Portal 2, which supported some Steamworks features, allowing PS3 users to create a Steam account and play the coop mode of said game with PC or Mac players.
[UPDATE] Turns out the features list is exactly the same as the PC version one (likely to be just the result of careless cut and paste), so the Battle.Net part might not mean anything.

Going by the German retailer, Diablo III is scheduled to release this year, which honestly sounds a bit too soon. While Blizzard has been publicly hiring for a Diablo III “console project” since 2010, as of a few weeks ago they were still hiring and experimenting about the feasibility of the whole thing, according to what game director Jay Wilson told Gamasutra. So we shall see.

Anyway, according to unknown sources, an official confirmation is expected today, with more details coming tomorrow (possibly during Sony E3 2012 Press Conference).

It goes without saying that if a PS3 version of Diablo III is indeed coming (exclusively or not), it would be reasonable to be optimistic (and excited) about a possible PlayStation Move support.