Happy Second Anniversary iWaggle3D!

Can you believe two full years have come and gone since the debut of iWaggle3D? It’s amazing (if not a little sad) how fast time goes by when you are engaged in activities you like.

I like working on iWaggle3D. I like working on Move stuff. And hopefully you like the result of all that work, because that makes me like doing what I like even more.

That was a lot of likes. But also a lot of work.


Come to think of it, I never considered iWaggle3D as work, or at least not as that kind of work that involves earning money and having responsibilities. You know, like a proper job.

And yet, things are getting somewhat serious over here, so let me take this opportunity to update you on some of the recent developments with regards to earning money and having responsibilities here at iWaggle3D.

Press.Start.Network and YouTube Partnership

After more than a year of failed attempts, last month the iWaggle3D YouTube channel was finally granted access to the YouTube Partnership Program.

That didn’t happen by some sort of miracle tho. It was rather the result of me accepting the invitation to join a brand new YouTube gaming network called “Press.Start.Network“.

Near the end of last May, a YouTube user going by the nickname of “NerdyMcF1y” approached me with an alluring business offer. In exchange for publishing my content on a yet to be launched YouTube network I’d get a chunk of the ads revenue generated by my content there, plus the status of YouTube Partner, meaning I’d be able to monetize my videos on my own channel as well.

I was initially suspicious, of course, but upon investigating further I eventually felt confident enough to accept the offer. Turns out I did the right choice as I’m now (finally!) a YouTube Partner, as well as a proud member of the young yet already rocking Press.Start.Network community of awesome and inspiring directors.

Granted this doesn’t mean I’m buying a Ferrari anytime soon, but the (however modest) extra stream of revenue generated by my video productions will definitely help in pushing iWaggle3D forward. On this point, I’m pondering about complementing my usual in-depth Move games analysis with more traditional walkthroughs (with commentary and superimposed Move-waggling). Would you be interested in that sort of stuff?

Anyway, back to Press.Start.Network, allow me to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Jarl Whitefeather (aka “NerdyMcF1y”) and his partner Justin Douglas for taking me on board and indirectly supporting iWaggle3D.

If you want to join me in this big “thank you” to the Press.Start.Network people please visit their channels (there is more than one!), take a look around, and “like”, “share”, or “subscribe” if you like what you see.

Good for you Waggler, but where are the new video analysis?!

I hear you my friends, and I understand you are disappointed with the uneven and untimely video coverage of Move games from your truly as of lately.

Rest assured everything is alright over here and video production will resume shortly and be more up to speed in the future.

I simply need to “recover” from a series of events that, admittedly, I have utterly mismanaged. If you don’t mind, I’d elaborate on this a little bit.

Since the recovery of my once dead pre-unibody 2008 MacBook Pro around the beginning of this year, every time I was ready to move onto the next entry in an ever-growing back-catalog of Move games, something else had to be done, be it the “quick and easy cursor misalignment fix” video (gave it top priority upon realizing few people were aware of it) or the Ninja Gaiden 3 one (its Move implementation being so terrible I had to vent the rage immediately).

Then the Italian PlayStation Blog thing happened, and more stuff was put on hold for as long as it took me to come up with a “storyboard” for the whole crazy finger swipes thing, as well as to experiment with new ways to make a fool of my superimposed self (like I had all the time in the world).

Done that, Datura came about. Surely I couldn’t afford to let one of the most unique “Move recommended” games to date go by without a blip on iWaggle3D could I? So I did that. People liked it, but so did a few colleagues of mine who kindly asked to provide similar content for the respective media outlets. So I did that too: a written review plus video review for an Italian website and another video review for an Italian television show.

At this point I was finally ready to go back to whatever I was working on (I couldn’t even remember) but, guess what, the release of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier grabbed my easily diverting attention with its almost complete Move controls in a yet not really Move compatible package. So I did that one too.

Done? Done! Ready to move on? Ready to move on! But wait! What? Don’t you see? See what?! Don’t you feel it? Feel what?! It’s that time of the year! What time of the year? *looks at calendar* *curses*

So, yeah, E3 began at this point, and being the only man on iWaggle3D who could cover it for iWaggle3D because iWaggle3D is a one-man site, video production was put on hold again as I frantically went hunting for Move-sensitive information across the world wide woods, hoping to provide the best armchair E3 coverage I could. I think I did a decent job, but I had almost forgotten how to use Final Cut Pro in the process.

Well, not really, but my 40 years old brain needs to process a busy FCP timeline for a good while before actually understanding what it’s looking at, remembering where it was when he left and figuring out where it should go next. Especially if what it’s looking at is a months old project. Add to that distracting annoyances (especially during Summer) such as life and family, and you can hopefully understand the extra time it takes yours truly to get back up to speed after a prolonged hiatus.

The recently released Resident Evil HD Chronicles Collection isn’t making life easier either as I’ve let myself get carried away with the research of new, more comfortable ways to record my hands and more “immersive” visual solutions with regards to their superimposed presentation. I think I’m getting somewhere, but I’m not totally pleased yet. Thoughts?

In any case, if you are still reading this, rest assured that I’m done with experimenting for now, and that I’ll be back making waves on YouTube very shortly, starting with my Sorcery analysis. Please be patient for a little while.

Thanks for you continued support, and happy birthday iWaggle3D!