iWalkthrough | The Amazing Spider-Man

Hello people. Today I’m pleased to introduce a new breed of iWagggle3D content: the “iWalkthrough”. Debuting today with The Amazing Spider-Man, the iWalkthrough is a series of game playthroughs conducted using the PlayStation Move.

Why are you doing this, Waggler?

Three reasons:

1. As you are well aware of, putting together my usual iWatch analysis takes a lot of time. On average, an iWatch analysis takes about two weeks from the second I start the game to moment I feel happy enough about my analysis to push the YouTube upload button.

During such period I play the whole game from start to finish before even beginning to actually scrutinize it or record any of the footage that will eventually go into my iWatch analysis.

That accounts for about 3 days of me playing a Move game while you are left wondering about how it plays.

What happens next is that I replay the game, this time with a “let me show you how it works” mindset. This is when I actually start recording both the game sessions and myself, with a view to eventually using that footage in my iWatch analysis.

Meanwhile, you are still left wondering how the game plays with the Move.

Then comes the part when I finally stat putting everything together in the video editing software, writing the commentary, recording the commentary, and so on. More often than not, during this process I usually find myself in need for extra footage to better represent something or for extra playtime to further investigate something else. That pulls me away from the editing software and back into the “recording studio” for another while.

Meanwhile, you are still left wondering how the damn game plays with the damn Move.

Now, my main intent with the iWalkthrough series is to provide you with an “early look” at a Move compatible game ahead of my actual iWatch analysis, and I plan on doing that by putting those gameplay sessions recorded with the “let me show you how it works” mindset to some good use.

This way I hope to leave you wondering about how a given game plays with the Move for a shorter period of time.

Sure I could be faster and start an iWalkthrough series based on footage recorded during my very first experience with a game, which is what traditional playthroughs are generally based upon after all, but while I do appreciate the spontaneity and the genuineness coming through with this approach, I prefer to get decent at a game before showing it to you.

2. There are lots of walkthroughs / playthroughs / “let’s play” on YouTube, I’m pretty aware of that, but when it comes to games featuring optional Move support, the above content is generally comprised of gameplay sessions conducted using a traditional controller. I think the time has come to provide such content from a “Move perspective”, if you get what I mean.

Rest assured I won’t simply be playing such games, but also comment on the controls, especially during the first episodes, with hands/controllers overlay and all.

3. As I’ve become a YouTube Partner about a month ago, I think keeping my channel busy with new content might help in generating the revenue I need to keep iWaggle3D healthy. Pretty straightforward uh? (Please support)

Ok, but what’s going to happen to the iWatch analysis?

No worries. They are still coming.

As per point #1, the iWalkthrough series is based on content I need for the iWatch analysis anyway, so it shouldn’t affect the usual iWatch workflow too much. Well, I’d still need to record some dedicated commentary, which will definitely take some extra time, but at least you get to learn about how a game works with the Move sooner than usual.

I also plan on releasing the iWatch analysis of a given game near the end of the related, ongoing iWalkthrough series. Not necessarily after it ends.

Going forward, I’m thinking of taking advantage of this new format for covering Move compatible games that don’t really need a “proper” iWatch analysis. Straightforward on-rail shooters like The House of The Dead for example or games based on a simple point and click mechanics. Stuff like that.

And that’s about it. If you have any question, please fire it away in the comments section.

The first episode of the first iWalkthrough series is embedded below. The upcoming ones will be accessible through YouTube linkage as soon as they go live so you might want to subscribe to the series in order to be notified about the availability of new episodes (I’m not going to publish a new, dedicated post here at iWaggle3D every time one goes up).

So, watch the video and please let me know what you think about it and this whole iWalkthrough thing!

Enjoy the show!

(Click here if embedded video doesn’t work)

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  • nandish

    how to download the amazing spider man for ps3 move.

  • It should be available on the PlayStation Store. You don’t need to look for some sort of “Move version”. Just download the “normal” game and it will work with Move rightaway.