GAMESCOM 2012 | Beyond: Two Souls Presentation (With David Cage)

Quantic Dream founder David Cage talks performance capture with regards to the upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls in this presentation to the press held during the GamesCom 2012 event in Cologne, Germany.

Sadly there was no playable version of Beyond available, so there isn’t much I can say about how it controls with the PlayStation Move.

What I can tell you tho, based on previously released information, is that you’ll control the main character, Jodie Holmes, via the Navigation Controller analog stick (no “push-a-button-to-walk” this time around, unlike Heavy Rain) and use the Move motion sensing capabilities to perform QTE actions as well as to control Aiden (the invisible entity to which Jodie is linked to, providing her supernatural powers) in a Flower-like fashion.

Enjoy the presentation below and stick around for more! (Coming up: Unfinished Swan, Sports Champions 2, Until Dawn. And Wonderbook, of course! Oh, and the Oculus Rift!)