GAMESCOM 2012 | FIFA 13 PlayStation Move Controls Demonstration (SCEE Press Conference)

During the GamesCom 2012 Sony press conference Electronic Arts demonstrated for the first time how the Move controls work in the upcoming FIFA 13. Let’s take a closer look and address some misunderstandings…

Contrary to some online reports (probably based on the above mentioned demonstration since there was no Move-enabled FIFA 13 on the show floor), you do not maneuver your player via the Navigation Controller analog stick, nor by painting lines for him to follow via an on-screen cursor.

While the Navigation Controller might be supported as an optional player control interface, the two EA representatives playing against each other during the Sony presser were holding just one PlayStation Move controller each.

As for the painting thing, that is true only with regards to the AI players, not the one you are directly controlling. The trajectory of the ball carrier is determined by the position of the on-screen cursor. He simply runs towards the cursor. It’s hard to tell how you sprint (probably by holding down one of face button), but you definitely don’t have to draw anything to control your player.

The painting mechanic is actually used to issue movement orders to your teammates in real time, which is pretty cool really. You simply point at a teammate with the on-screen cursor and then, while holding down the Move trigger, you draw a path for him to follow.

Another interesting application of the on-screen cursor allows to issue track orders while in defense. Simply aim at an opponent and hold the Trigger to have one of your teammates move closer to him.

As you can easily deduce then, the on-screen cursor provides a never-before-seen degree of control over your whole team by basically introducing RTS-like mechanics to the mix.

Finally, while a simple button press deals with passing the ball, shooting it towards the net seems to rely on gestures. I say “seems” because even tho it was mentioned that you can shoot by flicking the wrist and apply spin to the ball by turning the Move, the (failed) attempt at scoring during the demonstration didn’t involve any flicking nor turning (I think the yellow player pressed the Square button there), which leads me to believe the flicking/turning thing is optional rather than mandatory.

Below is the FIFA 13 segment from the Sony conference recorded by iWaggle3D during the event. Watch it with the above information in mind and you’ll appreciate the potential of the Move controls.